My Crafting Space

This week I enjoyed organizing my crafting space for my card making business. I needed a method for all the madness and what better time than the new year to get after it.

My first trip was to Lowe’s to purchase a peg board and get it cut to fit my big vintage style frame.


With a little white spray paint it was good to go. This holds my tools that I use regularly, such as my glue gun and embossing gun. I also love the hardware baskets that hold my ribbons and have slots for them to thread through when I need to use them!

I have kept the metal containers that card embellishments come in, so I added magnet circles to the backs of those to hang on a magnetic board. It hangs above the workspace and I have a step stool that helps this short lady reach them.

My aunt gave me some old Dr. Pepper crates which are now home to envelopes of all sizes and specialty papers.

I found some planter tins at the Michael’s blowout sale and added tags to identify what is in them.

That red toile mini-suitcase is my “briefcase” – it has my receipts and official business paperwork. 🙂

Waco’s best Bloom & Bee Swanky vintage shop was where I found 2 locker baskets and the wooden drawer that holds my cardstock and papers.

Every craft enthusiast knows you can’t be too organized… I have a Rubbermaid underbed storage box behind the paper drawer that is a catch-all for paper scraps.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired to conquer your creative space!


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